All Star Selection Process

All-Star Selection

SCYB will send All-Star teams representing the following divisions: Micro, Minor, Major, Junior and Senior Leagues.

The League coaches will conduct the All-Star votes for their respective divisions.

Roster sizes

All-Star teams will field a minimum roster of eleven players. The All-Star Coach may elect to take a larger roster with a maximum of 14 players.

All-Star team and coach selection:

Step 1:

  • Coaches in the same division will meet with the Board of Directors to select All-Star Team and coach.
  • Coaches will select an All-Star coach from their division through secret ballot if there is more than one candidate nominated from the floor. If the selected coach declines the invitation, another vote will be taken.

Step 2:

  • Each head coach will have an opportunity to recommend players from their team for consideration as an All-Star representative. Statistics for these players should be presented at this time. Coaches can also nominate players from other teams if they feel their play over the season warrants a nomination.
  • After all coaches have presented their candidates a vote will be taken.
  • Each coach will complete an All-Star ballot of twenty players ranking¬†candidates in the order of consideration. The first player on his voting roster is assigned twenty points; the second player on the roster is assigned nineteen points, etc. Coaches must fill out all twenty ballot spots. Coaches cannot vote for players from their own team.
  • The Board of Directors will collect and tally the Roster ballots.
  • The top seven¬†players in point totals will be placed on the All-Star team. Those players will be placed on a list in alphabetical order with point totals remaining secret.
  • Players remaining in points will be placed on the second list in alphabetical order with point totals only available to the Head All-Star coach.
  • The All-Star coach will select the remaining roster positions from players on this second list.
  • The All-Star coach will have 24 hours to select his All-Star roster.
  • If a player is unable to participate on the All-Star team, the All-star coach may select another player from the second list.

Step 3:

  • The All-Star team roster will be announced by a date set by the Board each year.