Team Selection Process

Interested in how our teams are formed? SCYB uses two different procedures to place athletes on teams.

T-ball and Micros Players

When your application is received, all the information is put into a program created by Little League Corporate. It looks at your athlete’s age, years of experience (this is an important reason to fully complete your application) and gender. A coach’s child and one assistant coach’s child is placed on the team. Then, through a specially created algorithm, it separates the remaining athletes to make even teams by age, experience and gender.

Our volunteers then go through the teams to make sure siblings are placed on the same team. The oldest sibling will be retained on the team chosen during the selection process. The younger sibling will be moved to that team and an athlete with the closest age of that younger sibling will be moved to the other team. In the case of twins, the sibling with the first name alphabetically will be retained on the original team. The other sibling will then be added to the team and an athlete with the closest birth date will be moved to the other team.

Minors, Majors, Junior and Senior Players

Registered players age nine and up must participate in at least one of two tryouts. Tryouts are generally held the last full week of March. Specific dates will be announced by the SCYB board. At tryouts, coaches will be observing: fielding, throwing and hitting. Failure to participate in tryouts, with the exception of returning players with major league experience, will be assigned to a proper age team at random.

After tryouts, the coaches of each division get together for the draft. Coaches will draw numbers so select draft order. This is a snaking draft. Rounds one and two are selected. The head coach will then have his/her child drafted in the third round. One assistant coach’s child will be drafted in the fourth round. The draft will then continue snaking through the list of players who attended tryouts. After all players who attended tryouts are drafted, the remaining players are assigned in the same snaking order based on when the SCYB board received the application. If players have major league experience but were not able to attend tryouts, those athletes will be drafted after tryout attendees and before major league players with no major league experience are assigned to teams.

If there are not enough players to create multiple juniors or senior league teams, all players in each age group (junior or senior) will be assigned to the proper age team.